In 2016 the Electric Gas Station GmbH, abbreviated EGS, was founded in Stuttgart, an international well known and reputated economic metrolpole area in the south west of Germany. Since then Uli Schumacher and Stefan Wasser are managing the company, both with international background and expertise.


Both entrepreneurs realized at an early stage, that electro-mobility will play a major role in future mobility. Revision of social opinions, political necessities and court decisions requires a much quicker conversion of mobility infrastructure than expected.

Innovative solutions and systems are most wanted which provide enough technical power to allow implementation of electro-mobility in many places and which are flexible enough, to allow a rapid conversion of the existing infrastructure.. EGS provides an innovative modularsystem for power storage and power chargers for future electro-mobility solutions and is consequently following a „Green“ strategy to guaranty a positive ecological balance.

Some new innovations are patent pending by EGS.

The EGS GmbH founded as german company was the first step on the way to an international operating company. This development will continue with the establishment of EGS SE.

The EGS SE will go public at the Nordic Growth Market stock exchange in Stockholm. The IPO is also targeted for 2019.