Rapid Implementation of Electro Mobility requires powerful, flexible and reliable power charging technologies 


 EGS Technology - supercharging a mobile future 


The way automotive experts see the automobile future is clear: autonomous, interactiv and – ELECTRIC POWERED. In addition, environmental institutions increase the pressure significantly: clean air is one of the key subjects. To realize the placed targets within a short time period, innovative solutions are the main point: a modular technology - not requiring grid enhancements - with short charging times for different types of automobile classes; easy and quick to install and expand in case of increasing demands.


The powercharging pole technology of the EGS Group are THE prerequisite for an electro-mobility infrastructure, suitable for immediate implementation and for broad daily use. 


Press  release

The innovative EGS powercharger technology attracts international attention…

November 2018
EGS starts negatioation about 9 charging center along strategic routes.


December 2018
EGS starts discussion with local well reputated retail company to install for all 131 subsidaries a power supply net to restrain customers,  win new customers and to optimize power consumption for all shops

Business News

EGS GmbH wishes all our friends and business partners a successsful NEW YEAR 2019.

2019 will be a challenging year for EGS company: EGS will push the business expansion and prepare the Going Public at the NGM stock market in Stockholm targetted for this year. This will go together with expansion of business activities not only within the european markets but also to international markets.


The speed of  the electro mobility and power charger markets are developping is amazing and requires rapid and flexible entrepreneurial actions. EGS will present in the very near future the first EGS powercharger coloum..


Meet and discuss with our EGS management team visions of the mobile future and the options of the EGS powercharger technology.


February 2019
Workshop: Powercharger


March 2019
Invest in powercharging center

Profitability of an investment