Our Products


The product world of EGS GmbH is defined by high power modules for energy storage and charger systems. The powercharger and/or storage modules can be installed without grid strengthening -  for private use as well as for commecial or industrial use. The modular system meets all requirements and can grow with rising consumption, simply by installing additional modules.


Our product classes:


1.  Dual charging center

·        Powercharger for electric vehicles

·        Hydrogen charger for fuel cell cars


2. Powercharger

·        Private use

·        Commerical markets

·        Industrial demands

·        All types of electric vehicles and fuel cell cars

·        Heavy load traffic

·        Public suburban and metropolitan traffic


3. Mobile charging

·        „Rendez-vous“-charging along the way

·        Night-charging (patent-pending)

·        Car breakdown charging

·        Event supply and stand-by / temporary charging requirement


4. Smart Home

·        Climate-friendly energy concepts for constructors and r.e.developers


·        Cost-efficient energy-management for residential complexes (incl. „Power-to-heat solutions“) with "green" energy