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If you are looking for an efficient electric power supply – for small business, residential estates, commercial facilities, industrial plants or even for your next private garden party?? EGS will be your partner providing the "Must-Have" technology of today: climate-friendly and solely from renewable energy sources.


EGS power charger systems: technology for today and the future



You want to change to e-mobility and be prepared for home charging?

Big or medium sized companies

Do You have a stationary fleet of company cars and plan to integrate e-mobility vehicles, installing your own powercharging centers??

Car dealer, car services/garages

You deal with cars and like to provide additional services for your customers by own powercharger centers??

Retail, shopping centers

You are operating in retail industries and want to provide an add-on value for your consumers and attract new target groups??

Car sharing companies

You want to install powercharging centers for a strong charging infrastructure and easen change to e-mobility??

Transport, local

You want to install a e-Pedelec/bike rickshaw charging center??

Transport, national; Motorway service areas; car service areas

You want to set up big size power charger stations in strategic locations or transit ways and take a leading position with future e-mobility infrastructure??

Smart Homes; House building

You want to optimize your energy costs ideally with a climate friendly, but powerful and efficient Technology, which also provides an option for implementation for home charging of electric vehicles??

Industrial plants; Commercial facilities

You have to lower your energy costs for profit optimization and look for a climate friendly, but powerful and efficient System, which can be installed short-term and cost-saving??

EGS will be your partner!!


EGS will provide perfect custom-tailored concepts:

ü  - custom-tailored energy-management

ü  - customized charging infrastructure

ü  - special solution for heavy lorries and public surburban traffic

ü  - each type of car programmable

ü  - grid independent

ü  - cost optimization by power storage and home consumption of cheap green energy 

ü  - Hydrogen charging poles for fuel cell cars


ü  - Dual charging center with charger for electric vehicles and fuel cell cars



EGS provides fullservice-maintenance contracts and will give function warranties for all systems


You want to know more about EGS products and services? We look forward to your inquiry. Please fill in the contact form. We would be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible!