The current mobility infrastructure is facing a radical change. Social preferences and conventions are changing and asking for an adjustment in mobility infrastructure. For many individuals, electro-mobility has meanwhile become a realistic alternative. Electric cars are becoming more and more suitable for daily and business use.

But there are some hindrences, affecting a rapid transformation:


D- Low-performance charging posts, resulting in long service duration

D- Short ranges

D- Poor charging infrastructure, very often no equivalent grid for DC charging poles

D- Cost- and time-intensive grid enhancement

The EGS now provides an innovative, comprehensive and  ecological balanced mobility Concept, which allows rapid change and adaption of current mobility infrastructure, without cost- and time-intensive grid enhancements. It is one of the main targets of EGS, to intergrate the charging centers into the highly profitable german "balancing energy market".

The innovative EGS Electromobilty Concept


C- Modularly expandable high-performance charging centres

C- Powerful charging stations for all standard electric vehicle types on the market

C- Storage media as high-performance buffer battery (patent pending)

C  Cost optimizied investment for grid enhancement and power supply connections

C- Surplus electricity can be tranferred into or from the public grid to stabilize oscillations

C  Charging center with dual equipment for hydrogen- and electricity charging

C Regional mobile loading concepts - e.g. for individual cities or districts - with 50 km radius

C- Solely green energy at every post